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Are they related?

In appearance, some bird species resemble some reptile species.  They seem to resemble each other more than any other kind of life form.

Could modern birds be descended from reptiles?

There are two main hypotheses offered:

A. Birds descended from small reptiles.

B. Birds and reptiles are individual life forms not related to each other.

If birds descended from small reptiles, there should be more similarities between them then there are differences.



Other Differences

Body Heat


Food Habits

List of Differences:

To go from a reptile to a bird you would have to almost completely redesign them from the inside out.  A number of bird experts are now doubting they are even indirectly related.  Where did they come from?

Should scientists abandon the idea of small dinosaur to bird evolution and look for alternatives?  The extreme differences would seem to falsify this hypothesis.

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